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Improving Employee Engagement through Emotional Management at Workplace

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Improving employee engagement through emotional management is the key element in the field of human resource management, for well being of organizations.

Before dealing with the topic, let us understand what do we mean by the two terms of employee engagement and emotional management.

Employee engagement definition:

As per Wikipedia, employee engagement is a property of the relationship between an organization and its employees. An engaged employee is “one”, who is fully absorbed by and enthusiastic about his or her work, and takes positive action to further the interests and reputation of the organization. On the other hand, as per Kevin Kruse from Forbes.com, the definition of employee engagement is the emotional commitment, the employee has to the organization.

Some of the significant traits of an engaged employee, as per Dr MARK DEVOLDER, the Change Consultant for NASA Space Shuttle Program, are as given below:

-Are enthusiastic and energetic-they go the extra mile.

-Care about what they do and have a sense of purpose (SOP) in their work.

-Have positive attitudes towards the organization and its values.

-Feel valued for their contributions.

Emotional management definition:

As per cleverism.com, emotional management is ,“ability to realize, readily accept as well as successfully control feelings in oneself, and sometimes of others, is known as emotional management skill”.

The above definition clearly illustrates that in an emotionally balanced organization, each and every member should manage not only his own emotions but also be sensitive to the emotions of others.

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If we go through the literature, we find that a lot of research papers are available on how to improve employee engagement and also emotional management at workplace, albeit separately.

For example, as per inside.6q.io, for increasing employee engagement, try the following:

employee engagement
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  • Encourage flexibility
  • Volunteer as a team
  • Be authentic
  • Promote taking breaks
  • Continuous feedback
  • Regular social gatherings
  • Clarify goals
  • Provide a nice environment
  • People focused culture
  • Mentor your employees
  • Encourage collaboration
  • Show gratitude regularly
  • Build authentic relationships
  • Promote honesty

However, not much has been done linking employee engagement with emotional management.

We have come up with employee engagement strategies which involves emotional management.

Below are given few tips to do the above

1. Provide a comfortable environment

Creating comfortable work-environment is the first prerequisite for improving employee engagement. If your employees feel comfortable sharing their true emotions at workplace, it is a good sign. Being emotionally comfortable with their co-workers adds to improving the engagement of the employees.

This holds good also, when employees express their true emotions at all levels of organization.

2. Encourage emotional transparency

Nurturing a good dynamics between workers and leadership is a very vital issue, if we want to unlock a new pathway to improving employee engagement. This may be done by encouraging emotional transparency between workers and the leaders.

Some tips are:

  • Sympathize and empathize to develop and strengthen relational emotions
  • Deftly handle the tricky customer situations

3. Build a strong emotional culture in your organization

Concealing or hiding emotions is injurious to an organization.

But in an emotionally volatile organization, where one is free to say anything or do whatever one wants, is a disastrous situation. In such a situation, employee engagement suffers.

Building a strong emotional culture at your organization is the only solution to the above problem. This can be done through employee engagement activities which builds open communication leading to a strong emotional culture.

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