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How to prepare the strategic human resource plan for your organisation

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Preparation of the strategic human resource plan appropriately, is indispensable for any organization to succeed on the path of progress.

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Below are given the essential 4 ingredients of preparation of strategic human resource plan of your organization.

1. Clear understanding of the goals and objectives of the organization

HR manager must communicate effectively with all the stakeholders to include the overall objectives, and goals of the organization. Brain-storming and internal discussions may be quite helpful in evolving this.

  • Incorporation of the best practices available in successful organization
  • Adoption of flexible work practices
  • Outsourcing certain activities to reduce cost
  • Enhancing use of information technology
  • Evolving recruitment, capacity building, reward and punishment policies which are in tune with the overall goals and objective of the organization Development of work-force planning may include the following steps -
  1. Identification of necessary level of competencies required from the employees for successful completion of the organization activities.
  2. Forecasting the hiring needs based on the above
  3. Evolving methodology to hire and train, as well as retain the skilled and appropriate workforce, needed by organization
  4. Exact enunciation of the job description of employees so that it is clear, concise and to the point
  5. Evolving a system for ensuring the timely and efficient delivery of the organization services by the employees
  6. Adequate to and for communication between the employees and the employers about their roles and responsibilities towards the organization.

Based on the above aspects, preparation of a hand book elucidating the human resource policies of the organization, should be done.

2. Investing in human resource development

To ensure the smooth functioning of the organization activities, the employees should be quite adept in devising a comprehensive plan to train the workforce appropriately, so that their level of competencies increases.

The effort should be made to motivate them to give their best individually and in teams. An appropriate performance appraisal system must be in place, along with an award and punishment strategy.

Investing in Human Resource
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3. Planning for Succession

An appropriate succession plan should be there so that the organization does not suffer if anyone leaves the organization. Best option is to have a rotation, as well as nurturing and development policies in plan, so that everyone knows each other's jobs.

4. Monitoring System

An effective monitoring system must be included in the plan. This will ensure the optimum performance of everyone in the organization.

Monitoring System
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