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Five Tips To Handle Difficult HR Conversations, With Reference To Personal Habits Of Employees

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HR management plays a vital role in communicating sensitive messages to employees.

Sometimes a situation arises, when a human resource (HR) professional has to resort to difficult conversations, keeping in view the interest of all the stakeholders viz employees ,the employers and the organisation itself.

In such a situation, HR professional should not get caught unprepared. The best option is to use the best strategic mind set along with the management techniques comprising of motivation, engagement and encouragement. Sometimes personal habits of certain employees may have an unconducive effect on the workplace. These may be: not adhering to dress code, an unpleasant body odour, use of same cloths or same type of wear repeatedly, use of alcohol before coming to office, and notable carelessness for personal appearance in the work place.

Below are given 5 steps to deal with such a situation by people of human resource management.

1) Analysis of the situation by the HR

Work privately to ascertain the facts, collect the documents or reports pertaining to problem.

2) Keep it confidential

HR to keep it confidential
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The appropriate care must be taken not to embarrass the person concerned.

3) Don’t bring other people in the discussion

It should never be made a subject of office gossip.

4) Display true / sincere care

It should always be shown that you truly care for the well – being of the employee concerned.

5) Provide the tips to overcome improper personal habit

A one to one discussion should be held to suggest solutions to the problem, with good amount of listening, on how the employee himself will like to address it.

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