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Training - The Then and Now

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Every profession has been seeing myriad of changes over time and so has that of training and development. These changes have no doubt helped the field to evolve into a far more advanced ways to develop people. Anyone involved in corporate training or any other type should be aware of these changes, so that they can stay abreast with the overall picture of the profession. Below are provided a few of such remarkable changes in the field of training.

1.Sharing information vs facilitating information discovery

Earlier trainers used to primarily share information they have. However, trainers, during current times, are expected to open opportunities for information discovery.

There is no more one-way flow of information. Rather training now a days, is about guiding the participants towards the directions, they wish to go.

2.From memorising to analysing of the information

As palm-sized devices and gadgets with mountain-sized memories continue to appear, information is readily available and there is not much need for participants to remember.Instead, we,nowadays, wish to analyse the information.

3.Not just classroom training

Participants no more expect to be taught ‘just’ in the classroom. Instead most of the training has become more like a combination of approaches, where the trainees themselves do a few tasks or in a group interact online to finish the assigned task or anything. Even sometimes, they could go home to do an assignment as a part of training.

4.Phones – don’t leave it outside

Girl at office desk shows something on the phone
Photographer: Frank Vex | Source: Unsplash

Astonished? Trainers earlier used to ask participants to switch off their phones. It was considered a nuisance then. However, nowadays, several training activities may be performed using the phone. And mostly, it is very much welcome inside the room.

5.Forget power points in corporate training

Nowadays, trainers use power-point in a very limited way. Instead, they have been increasingly using game-based sessions to enhance the quality of learning. These games too have changed appreciably in formats compared to earlier times, where we used to have just fun games with paper and sketch. Nowadays, trainers like to use complex problem-solving activities during the session. It used to be often simple in earlier days.

6.Paper vs apps

Aaps in training
Photographer: Rami Al-zayat | Source: Unsplash

In the past, trainers used to provide papers and notes to jot down important points. But, they now use apps installed in their gadgets. This is also with the thought of depleting environment situation due to cutting of plants. Less paper use means less trees brought down, thus, saving the environment and ecology.

7.Hours not days

Earlier, the focus was to conduct training for a few days. Nowadays, it happens only for a few short hours. Trainees attention span is small.Organizations too, no more want their employees to stay away from work for long. Therefore, training duration have also lessened. Training is no more conducted for days, but for short durations, multiple times.

8.No more rigid structure to follow

While earlier training programs, usually, had a rigid structure and used to keep the same for everyone, currently, there could be variation depending on factors such as participants’ age group, learning styles, other learning preferences, etc.

The future of corporate training seems to be controlled by further widespread usage of technology for better learning experience,and to ensure better effectiveness.

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